Pumped Screed

Pumped screed floors offer a number of advantages to its alternatives. For the right setting, they can offer an unbeatable combination of economy, durability and aesthetic appeal:

  • Our cementitious screed floor systems can be applied at a minimum thickness of 10mm and then diamond polished. This gives a natural polished concrete effect without exposing large aggregate that’s generally seen with polished concrete.
  • Pumped screed self-levelling compound can be laid at a minimal thickness of 7mm. The reduction in thickness can result in pumped screed being a more competitive option than thicker sand and cement.
  • Polished concrete floor screed is a micro-cement installation that is further enhanced by diamond polishing to achieve a finish that is visually stunning, easy to clean and impossible to beat from a durability perspective.
  • Pumped screed self-levelling compound provides a fast-track industrial floor solution to renovate, repair and level old polished concrete floors.
  • It is also possible to level and repair poorly formed or rain or frost damaged concrete slabs economically. Large areas can be installed relatively quickly, cutting down on time and saving money.

A Trusted Provider

Over our long history, Britannia Industrial Flooring has carried out a vast number of pumped screed projects. We’ve worked at sites all over the UK, installing a wide range of cement-based industrial strength floor toppings and self-levelling compound floor systems.

Our preparation, attention to detail and experience make us one of the most trusted providers out there.

Benefits of Pumped Screed Flooring


A lower minimal thickness can make pumped screed very cost-effective.

Aesthetic appeal

Despite the lower costs, options such as DCP Cemflow are visually attractive and suitable for public-facing settings.

Quick installation

An expert installation and fast-curing product mean minimum disruption for your organisation.

Industrial strength

Our cement-based floor toppings stand up to hard-working industrial and commercial environments.


A screed such as DCP Cemflow will potentially last the lifespan of the building.

Choice of finishes

A variety of finishes, including a range of colours and bespoke ‘terrazzo’ effects are available to suit your needs.

Repairs concrete flooring

Old or damaged flooring can be quickly and economically levelled and repaired.

Selected Applications

Industrial & Manufacturing

Flooring for industrial and manufacturing facilities require a toughness and durability that goes beyond most other applications.

Warehouse & Distribution

To function well, warehouses and distribution hubs need high quality flooring that's tough, long-lasting and completely level.

Other Diverse Applications

Pumped screed flooring can be adapted for many different applications where cost-effectiveness and durability are priorities.

Case Studies


Polished concrete for a heavy manufacturing factory.
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Perfect Combination

Functional and aesthetic epoxy resin flooring.
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Preparation is key for epoxy resin floors.
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Resin floor for warehouse, ideal for heavy forklift traffic.
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With more than 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the epoxy resin, polyurethane and polished concrete market we are perfectly placed to handle your industrial or commercial flooring requirements.

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