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To function well, warehouses and distribution hubs need high quality flooring. The ideal flooring must not only be immensely tough and long-lasting, but also be completely level. Many facilities also need to be kept dust free.

Our flooring solutions meet all of these criteria and can be installed with the minimum of downtime. We can work to renovate and upgrade existing floors, or make brand new installations.

Either way, our systems are optimised for minimal downtime and disruption to your operations.

Working with Britannia

Britannia have thirty years’ experience in floor installations for warehouses and distribution hubs. Our team’s unrivalled depth of knowledge ensures that the right flooring product is always matched to your individual needs. Together with expert installation, this means our floors give years of trouble-free usage, even in the most demanding areas. With all this, and our commitment to excellent customer service, we’re confident that we can exceed your expectations.

Our high standards start with the preparation process and continue throughout. We ensure that your installation is free from cracks, surface inconsistencies and any bumps or gradients, as these can all reduce how well your facility functions or pose safety risks.

Floor demarcation and health and safety signage can of course be added according to your specification.

Lastly, although aesthetics are not usually the primary consideration in these applications, we can provide a wide range of colour schemes.

Epoxy Resin Flooring for Warehouses and Distribution Hubs

Britannia are specialists in epoxy resin flooring, an excellent choice for many warehouse or distribution hub applications. Epoxy resin flooring systems form a protective, seamless covering that offers high wear resistance.

With an extensive range of textures and finishes, and an almost limitless selection of colours, our systems offer an attractive and heavy-duty surface.

Key benefits for warehouse and distribution hubs

  • unbeatable durability
  • tolerant of high loads
  • minimal downtime in installation
  • dustless
  • chemically resistant
  • easily cleanable
  • non-slip

Case Studies


Resin floor for warehouse, ideal for heavy forklift traffic.
See case study


Preparation is key for epoxy resin floors.
See case study


Warehouse transformed with epoxy resin flooring.
See case study


Garage workshop refurbishment.
See case study

With more than 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the epoxy resin, polyurethane and polished concrete market we are perfectly placed to handle your industrial or commercial flooring requirements.

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