Hygienic Flooring

Hygienic flooring is an excellent choice for food and drink production areas, kitchens, dairies and agricultural processing facilities, breweries etc., all of which are subject to stringent health standards.

A Trusted Provider

Over our long history, Britannia Industrial Flooring has carried out many hygienic flooring installations. We’ve worked with owners of these facilities to provide flooring that meets their exacting needs.

Our preparation, attention to detail and experience make us one of the most trusted providers out there.


Benefits of Hygienic Flooring

Seamless & anti-microbial

Seamless, anti-microbial materials are perfect for any environment requiring exacting standards of hygiene – including food preparation environments and laboratories.

Chemically resistant

For food preparation and laboratory applications, our hygienic flooring withstands attack from chemicals that would damage other floors.

Quick installation

An expert installation and fast-curing product mean minimum disruption for your organisation.

Slip resistant

Hygienic flooring can be configured to provide ample grip for premises where that is essential


The compounds we use for hygienic flooring are also tough, shrugging off frequent foot traffic and heavy equipment.

Choice of finishes

A variety of finishes, including a range of colours, are available to suit your needs.

Selected Applications

Industrial & Manufacturing

Flooring for industrial and manufacturing facilities require a toughness and durability that goes beyond most other applications.

Warehouse & Distribution

To function well, warehouses and distribution hubs need high quality flooring that's tough, long-lasting and completely level.

Other Diverse Applications

Pumped screed flooring can be adapted for many different applications where cost-effectiveness and durability are priorities.

Case Studies


Polished concrete for a heavy manufacturing factory.
See case study

Perfect Combination

Functional and aesthetic epoxy resin flooring.
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Preparation is key for epoxy resin floors.
See case study


Resin floor for warehouse, ideal for heavy forklift traffic.
See case study

With more than 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the epoxy resin, polyurethane and polished concrete market we are perfectly placed to handle your industrial or commercial flooring requirements.

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