Epoxy Resin Flooring in Andover

Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd is a leading name in epoxy resin flooring. We supply high-quality flooring to enterprises in Andover and throughout Hampshire.

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Tough, Hygienic Flooring for Andover’s Commercial Premises

In these challenging times for the UK high streets and town centres, Andover is proving more resilient than many. For two years in a row, the town placed in the top five in the ‘Great British High Street’ competition, and shoppers are also well-served by the Chantry Centre.

Epoxy resin is an ideal solution for shop flooring and other commercial premises. Apart from its durability, installation is quick and straightforward compared to many alternatives. It’s also easy to clean and therefore hygienic – an important factor for Andover’s coffee shops and eateries.

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polished concrete flooring from Britannia Industrial Flooring.

Perfect for Andover’s Industry

Businesses in Andover benefit from the town’s excellent road connections. Andover’s proximity to the A303 (connecting London and the South-West) and A34 (connecting Southampton and Oxford and the M4) mean that major population centres are within easy reach. Rail links to Southampton and London complement these major trunk roads. Unsurprisingly then, many familiar companies have a presence in Andover, including Ocado, Stannah Stair Lifts and Co-op Food. The town’s main business parks include Andover Business Park, Portway East and Portway West Business Parks and Walworth Business Park.

Britannia’s advanced epoxy resin floors are suitable for all types of industrial and large commercial premises. For example, our seamless flooring systems are ideal for food preparation and distribution facilities – the absence of welds and joins reduce the opportunities for pathogens to grow. For warehouse or storage facilities, our floors hoffer unparalleled toughness.

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We’re convenient for Andover

Located in the neighbouring county of Wiltshire, Britannia Industrial Flooring are a convenient choice Andover. Our expertise and experience are just an hour away.

About Britannia Industrial Flooring

Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd’s heavy duty epoxy resin flooring solutions are used by some of the UK’s leading industries and organisations. These include Atlas Copco Compressors, Stagecoach, The British Library, Fylde CNC Specialist and Dawson Shanahan (Wales) Ltd.

Whether we are providing a dust proofing service to seal bare concrete or installing the most sophisticated surface coating in seamless epoxy resin, polyurethane or polished concrete, we offer a single source solution.

As Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd design and specify all materials we are able to create bespoke solutions for any application. We offer industrial flooring that is resistant to chemicals, slip-resistant for safety, and epoxy resin flooring that’s suitable for heavy loads or just heavy traffic, our flooring systems are easy to clean and can be cured overnight!

We work in partnership with the leading UK epoxy resin flooring manufacturers and we can offer a range of epoxy resin flooring in Andover for your industrial or commercial premises.

Available in a wide range of solid or decorative colours and textured finishes, our seamless epoxy resin floors can be laid over wood, tiles, concrete and asphalt and provide a hard wearing finish.

Floor paint can be matt, silk or gloss with varying degrees of slip-resistant finish. Coupled with surface preparation, industrial warehouses can have epoxy resin floor paint applied quickly and economically.

We also offer full health and safety markings, demarcation lining and much more, all in a colour scheme of your choice!

With more than 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the epoxy resin, polyurethane and polished concrete market we are perfectly placed to handle your industrial or commercial flooring requirements.

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